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Edge left a comment worth considering. Here it is in it’s entirety:

As much as I would like to agree with you about Romney, not voting at all or voting Libertarian is not the answer to getting rid of Obama. Imagine what the last four years of Obama’s Presidency will be like. More spending, more taxes, more printing money, more borrowing, more cuts to our military, more American apologies, and most importantly a weak foreign policy with Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, China and Russia. This is a dangerous world we live in (as I know you are well aware) and having Obama at the wheel four more years is a risk this country can not take any longer.

Romney is not my first choice for President. His record with health care and gun control is certainly a concern. But to say he is worse than Obama is absolutely false. I wasn’t crazy about McCain either but remember he did add Palin to the ticket to bring more conservatives back. Romney will have to do the same if he is the one to go against Obama.

I urge everyone if Romney is elected the GOP candidate to vote for him, but to remain aware of his record. If he is elected President… be critical. Write him, your US Rep and Senator and get more more involved than ever.

I disagree with Edge’s premise. As a “Republican” Romney would expect support from Republicans. Since his agenda will be moderate Democrat, he’ll get lots of support from Democrats. He will not reverse course. At best he’ll slow down a little.

We’re in a train headed for a cliff at 90 miles any hour. If Romney slows the train to 50 miles an hour, does that fix anything? You keep spending more than you take in, sooner or later whoever loaned you the money is going to call the bill due. Slowing your spending may push the day of reckoning off a bit, that all we could hope to get from Romney. Add Romneycare and the Massachusetts extension of the assault weapons ban, and he cannot expect to get my vote. They’ve had since last June to find a fiscal conservative. So far, it’s been all fail.


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  1. I need to go with you on this one. It hurts like Hell to to say “eff it, let the Obamaoids have four more years and take the rap for what happens,” but it's an attitude I can't quite shake.

  2. I understand the feeling, but ain't buying in. Too many old supreme court justices to chance it. A couple more like he has already appointed and we have NO chance.
    I am not too excited about the candidates we offer, but they are ALL extreme improvements over the Obamanation.

  3. My question is: “Why do we seem to always have to vote for the lesser of 2 or 3 evils?”

    Why can't either party come up with somebody that will:
    1.) Have his/her act together
    2.) Know how to take care of taxes and the public's money
    3.) Have a clue about the military and foreign policy
    3.) Know how to count to 4.


  4. I will vote for Barack Obama before I'll vote for Romney. If Romney is the best the Republicans put forward, then the republic deserves Obama.

  5. Blame the republicrats for driving off/voting down the candidates that did have it together, and actually were more in line with what the majority of the nation wanted.

    When it comes time to vote, I'm writing in my candidate of choice, since they assassinated his character so early because they were so afraid he could beat the amphibian, and former governor Good Hair.

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