As New Hampshire Holds the 1st Primary

Residents of New Hampshire go to the polls today to vote in the first primary of the 2012 election cycle. Whatever the outcome might be, I want to take this opportunity to remind the Republican Party that I will not vote for Mitt Romney. His record as governor of Massachusetts speaks for itself.

SORC™. So do what y’all want, but don’t try to guilt me into voting for him. I gave you plenty of time to find a real conservative.


3 thoughts on “As New Hampshire Holds the 1st Primary

  1. I have e-mailed many times saying the exact same thing! I have also said to the VaGOP put everyone on primary ballot,but they ignore us and then ask for a donation.DAMM RINO's.

  2. As much as I would like to agree with you about Romney, not voting at all or voting Libertarian is not the answer to getting rid of Obama. Imagine what the last four years of Obama's Presidency will be like. More spending, more taxes, more printing money, more borrowing, more cuts to our military, more American apologies, and most importantly a weak foreign policy with Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, China and Russia. This is a dangerous world we live in (as I know you are well aware) and having Obama at the wheel four more years is a risk this country can not take any longer.

    Romney is not my first choice for President. His record with health care and gun control is certainly a concern. But to say he is worse than Obama is absolutely false. I wasn't crazy about McCain either but remember he did add Palin to the ticket to bring more conservatives back. Romney will have to do the same if he is the one to go against Obama.

    I urge everyone if Romney is elected the GOP candidate to vote for him, but to remain aware of his record. If he is elected President… be critical. Write him, your US Rep and Senator and get more more involved than ever.

  3. I still don't get it, doesn't N.H. have a population of about 200,000? Most of the rest of the country doesn't even know it's there until elections get going.

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