Borepatch’s Reloads

When Borepatch visited last week, we had a lesson on reloading rifle cases. Since I had the 30.06 dies on the bench, that’s what we used. 168 gr. Sierra boat tails, 48 gr. of IMR 4895. We made up a fair number of them, planning on using them at the bloggershoot.

As it happened, we were diverted by the bright shiny of Templar Custom and the well made 30.06 never came out of the ammo can. So yesterday I shot some of it in a Garand Match.

I had developed the load for a scoped Remington, and had not shot any out of my 03-A3, so getting a sight picture and a zero on the rifle is something I should have done prior to the match. That failure meant that five sighters was not enough and I was halfway through the slow fire prone before I settled in.

Even so I shot 273-6X. Good ammo. Accurate and consistent. Kudos to Borepatch and Borepatch #2 for the work in the basement man cave. They should come visit again and make me some more.


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