21 Minutes

She was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher for 21 minutes. Since she was armed, when the bad mens came through the door, she shot one of them.

She was 18, widowed on Christmas Day when her husband died of cancer. She had been singled out. One of her attackers had already been to her door previously. They thought this was going to be an easy target. They were wrong. Click the link above for the full story and the 911 audio.


5 thoughts on “21 Minutes

  1. I just saw that in the news…I was thinking of sending her a case of ammo and some baby food….and a shooting award.
    This was a great public service she did.

    Just had another one…in Marin County, CALIF! A 90 yr old WWII vet shot a burglar!
    Now, Marin County is one of the most retarded places in regards to gun control….

  2. Good for her! And that pretty much disproves the old cops are right around the corner argument… The tyranny of time/distance/lack of officers on patrol jumped up on this one!

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