Time Passing

Out at the range with another friend and my youngest son shooting clays yesterday. I did okay, but some that I was I sure of when I pulled the trigger just kept sailing on. Meanwhile, my son was hammering them. All of them. We tried two off the machine thrower and one added in with a hand thrower, he would break all three. Up, crossing, skimming low, he hit them.

Young eyes, good reflexes, it doesn’t matter what excuse I use, he has passed me by. The clock is always ticking, sometimes you can hear it louder than others.

It was good shooting and I was proud to see it.


One thought on “Time Passing

  1. well, if you miss em' they usually break up when they hit the ground. I remember one retarded instructor we had in the police academy who had us try to shoot clays with short Remington 870 riot guns.
    Of course everybody was missing but the dumbass instructor who was using a nice Browning trap gun…

    I asked him to let us use his gun and we started hitting the clays.

    I told him “With all due respect, sir, I don't thing these riot guns are designed for shooting clay targets flying in the air….they're made for shooting human size targets….”

    They fired that instructor for being mentally disabled…or stupid.

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