Carteach0 has a post up about the Liberator. A stamped steel, smooth bore, single shot pistol chambered in .45 ACP. It was designed to be dropped behind enemy lines during WWII. The idea was that a resistance fighter would find one and use it to kill a Nazi, taking his rifle and ammo, and sowing fear.

They were never used in large numbers, and almost all of them were destroyed after the war. I’ve seen pictures. There are a few in museums. Carteach0 got to shoot one. He has pictures and video. We talked about his post at the bloggershoot the other day. How often does this get to happen? It seems possible that this is the only firing of the Liberator FP45, anywhere, anytime, in this millennium.


4 thoughts on “Liberator

  1. It took longer to load them than it did to build them. I was friends with a soldier who ran the Army Museuem in West Berlin many years ago…most of the weapons on display worked, so we'd take them out and shoot them— if we could buy ammo. seen a liberator, but never shot one because it looked like it would blow up.

  2. Thanks for the link. I have seen one of those, one time, at a local gun show. The seller wanted around 12 or $1400 for it, IIRC. I never touched it.

  3. Honestly? It was touch and go for a moment whether I would fire it There was a reasonable fear it would simply blow up in my hand.

    Then… the historical opportunity overcame me, and I really had no choice.

    It helped we were shooting my own hand loads, and I knew exactly how mild they were. 5 grains of 231 under a 200 grain soft lead bullet.

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