Borepatch Can’t Shoot Worth Sh*t

The title of this post is supposed to make JayG spray coffee on his monitor. Borepatch shoots just fine.

This is the first of several posts about a small blogger gathering at my club’s range. Borepatch, Borepatch’s Son #2, Sean Sorrentino, Knitebane, Bob of Templar Consulting, Dan, and I met and spent the day together. It was loud, there was old and new. Bob is a manufacturer, so he brought some of the rifles he’s been working on. Everyone else brought their favorites and dipped into their ammo stash.

More to follow.


8 thoughts on “Borepatch Can’t Shoot Worth Sh*t

  1. Having shot with Borepatch on several occasions, I can attest to the fact that the title of this blogpost is, in fact, in error.

    Sounds like a right fun time. Too bad NC is so far from MA.

    Or perhaps not… 😉

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