Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, very early. It must have been 4:30 or 5 when I woke up. The house was cold, the living room dark. I was five years old. I knew Santa had come. I went out into the living room. The tree was dark. I turned the table lamp on, not daring to plug in the tree.

The loot in the stockings and unwrapped presents left by Santa were always immediately available on Christmas morning. Wrapped presents under the tree were opened later. I went through my stocking and then played quietly with a small locomotive that had been left for me. It gradually got lighter outside and my mother came out to find me in the living room.

I don’t remember any other gifts I got that year, just the dark house and the quiet time alone by the tree early on Christmas morning.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Morning

  1. That is the way I remember the morning as a child. My wife insisted on following her family tradition of everyone sitting around and watch the others go through their stocking.

    I still like your way and my memories.

    Grace and peace.

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