Machines Know

Machines know. They do. Type up that term paper, move the 1st birthday party pictures off the camera. If you don’t immediately make multiple copies on CD, external hard drive or network storage, you have doomed your hard drive and the data to oblivion. If you have three copies in two locations, your original drive will keep right on spinning.

And it’s not just the modern stuff. It worked out that I have a day off tomorrow. I was going neglect to set the alarm, go with my wife and son to visit friends, maybe make some cookies and do some last minute Christmas stuff.

So, in the car this evening, she casually mentions that the washing machine won’t spin out the clothes and that when she went down to the basement, it was noisy and smelled “funny”.

I should be grateful that it waited for me to be freed up. It’s been a good machine and it deserves my company tomorrow.


One thought on “Machines Know

  1. My daughter and son-in-law's water heater went out this week, and my neighbor said his washing machine died, as well. Hoping the holiday curse misses my house.

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