Knife Attacks

Last night at the dojo was all tanto waza, knife attacks and defenses.

My first learning was that I don’t know anything about fighting with a knife or defending against an attacker with a knife.

The other thought I had was that you could be defending against what starts as an empty hand attack and the attacker could bring a knife into play at any time.

Tie those two thoughts together and it seems it would always be better to run.

This may not always be a choice.


4 thoughts on “Knife Attacks

  1. Most (untrained) people holding a weapon forget about everything else, and fail entirely to expect an all-out assault; they think in a superior position they're unassailable, which makes them vulnerable.

    Which is not to say an all-out assault won't result in injuries. It almost certainly will. The decision to fight back must always be informed by the risks.

  2. The key to any knife (sword/bat/pipe) defense is the same: Treat it as you would an empty-hand attack.

    The only variable is mai-ai.


  3. Working as a cop over 32 years, I've had a few bad guys with knives…after I put the cuffs on them I'd ask: “Why'd ya' bring a knife to a gunfight?”

    Figure in a true knife fight, somebody is going to get cut. Plan ahead, act fast and fight until your last breath…or his last breath.

  4. One of the best self defense blogs – trouble is he doesn't post very often but when he does they are great. Sorry I'm not good at links but you can copy and paste like I do. This is his first on knife fighting. My friend's son was working in a convenience store and stabbed. It has caused him much grief. Anyway, check out Straight Forward – if you haven't I'm sure you will like it.

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