7 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Well, the idea of a world with fewer humans in it, and thus less pollution/exploitation, is an appealing one. I just don't like the mad gleam that many environmentalists get in their eye talking about ways that decreasing the population can be accomplished.

  2. Yes, the how and who decides part of it would be messy, wouldn't it? And it's coming. Just like the carrying capacity of a forest for squirrels, something keeps them in check. We have used our tools and our brains to push the population, but nature is not fooled and something, disease, famine, war, or pestilence, is going to put on the brakes.

  3. That was a beautiful video ASM thank you for posting.

    The music that the video was set to is from the movie The DaVinci Code, the composer is Hans Zimmer who also did the soundtrack for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and The Dark Knight.

    I may cross post that video up over at my place as well, thanks again.

    I'm like you on the environmentalist thing. I consider myself a good steward of wild life and the enviornment; however, I'm rational about it.

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