Marines Buy Up Used Harriers

The Marines are going to buy all the old British Harrier jets, along with engines and spare parts. A good deal for the Marines, as this will keep the U.S. Harriers flying for another decade or so. The British mothballed them, and the carriers they launched from, late last year.

If I was a general in Argentina, I’d be dusting off the invasion maps for the Falkland Islands. The British aren’t coming to defend them again. The Iron Lady is just a historical movie and the sun has most definitely set on the British Empire.


3 thoughts on “Marines Buy Up Used Harriers

  1. One of the camps we got sent to in Iraq to help the Marines…had a air forward observer. I had a chance to talk to him…he was a Harrier pilot. When I told him how cool I thought that jet was, he went on and told me all about how cool it was.
    When the Marines transported us, we often road in CH46's that were built in the 1960s!!!
    the Marines were still flying Hueys from the 60's.
    They would just keep rebuilding it and flying it until it fell apart.

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