Why Did He Do This?

So, a high profile shooting in Hollywood. A man standing in an intersection firing shots at passing cars until the police finally take him down.

Why did he do this? No one seems to have a clue. Even interviews with witnesses provide nothing….Oh wait, here in this report, not covered by any major news reporter, and already dumped down the memory hole, is this video I found on YouTube.

At 2:40, a tiny glimpse of why.


6 thoughts on “Why Did He Do This?

  1. If Calif had CCW permit laws like most of the other states, this would have been over long before the cops got there. Remember this:
    “The cops are only 6 minutes away–when you need them in 30 seconds.”

  2. One sentence and no one's going to raise a stink about profiling.
    But you can bet they're going to raise a stink about being able to get firearms off the street.
    Too bad it was California and no one but the police and perp.
    Bummer about Breda- but she believes her work is done. At least we still have Brigid and Tam.

  3. Funny, the MSM is painting this as a pill-fueled guy who was just dumped by his girlfriend.
    No mention of the short witness account in the video.

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