This Is My 1911, This is My Glock

I own both. I have a Glock 21 and a 1911.

Things that are true of the Glock:
1. It worked right out of the box.
2. It has worked every time I used it.
3. It is reasonably accurate.
4. It requires little maintenance or cleaning. The finish on the slide seems to be rustproof. The polymer frame is rustproof.
5. The normal magazines hold 13 rounds.

Things that are true of the 1911:
1. It required work to make it reliable.
2. Since that work was done, it has worked every time I used it.
3. It is very accurate.
4. The blued slide will show rust easily. I’m probably going to have the slide refinished in something more protective.
5. I clean it after every match.
6. It has 8 round magazines.

Those objective facts do not begin to describe the difference I personally feel. Like the difference between a modern sedan and an old pickup truck, it is hard to explain why I would choose the truck. Both get you there, both work. Plenty of people make the other choice and I’m okay with that.

But I’m at home in an old truck. And it’s more satisfying to be shooting a 1911.

8 thoughts on “This Is My 1911, This is My Glock

  1. You could probably get away with just cleaning the extractor and tunnel after every match shooting cast and lubed. But taking it apart that far is enough work that cleaning the rest of it seems like nothing…

    But think of all the fondling you get to do that would just be wasted on a Glock…

  2. Leaf springs, solid axles, and a 1911 in .45ACP.

    More folks want to look at and fondle a 1911, too. Once you held one Glock, you've held them all.

  3. I like the vehicle analogy, but I would argue for different vehicles for both. I would say the 1911 is a '57 T-Bird, and the Glock is a Hummer.

  4. yeah, but you know when I pick up any 1911, I can put the rounds in the X…At least now there's companies that are building 1911's that work out of the box…Kimber, Wilson etc.
    We have a “rental” Wilson in the shop…I took it out of the box and put 5 rounds in the X at 10 yards…all the holes touching….

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