1911s VS Glocks

All the cool kids are doing it so here’s my effort. Feral Irishman inspired me and a H/T to Borepatch for the suggestion.


12 thoughts on “1911s VS Glocks

  1. “It's ok, I have a Dillon”

    I just ran off about 2,000 .45ACP rounds over Thanksgiving. My neighbors now want to know why I was laughing so hard. Remind me to put the windows down next time.

  2. I love the part about the Dillon press, but I laughed out loud about carrying them concealed. Perfect placement. Hilarious.

  3. This particular clip has been used for some of the funniet overdubs I have ever seen. The set up and subject of the original is so perfect for wild ideas. There is a Marine one about an inspection over Superbowl weekend that is a real howl. This one is super also. Thanks.

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