The World Is An Ashtray

Why do people think it’s okay to throw their cigarettes out the car window? You see it all the time. Nice cars, cars with Save the Earth bumper stickers, Priuses (Prii?), it doesn’t seem to matter. They sit at the light, flicking ashes until the light turns green, then BAM!, they flick it away like the world is an ashtray.

Uncle Jay takes issue with it in a wonderful post. He get a link and added to the blogroll for his fine, insightful, and reasonably profane writing.

What is wrong with smokers? Cars have ashtrays. If you can put it in your lungs, you can keep the butt in the ashtray. If you’ve been smoking in it, your car smells like crap anyway. I swear, if it was up to me, the punishment for throwing cigarette butts out your car/truck window would be:

First offense: Not permitted to buy cigarettes for 30 days. One day picking up cigarette butts in major intersections.
Second offense: Not permitted to buy cigarettes for 6 months. One week spent sweeping street gutters with a wisk broom and a dustpan.
Third offense: Lifetime ban on smoking. 6 months on a road crew picking up trash.


7 thoughts on “The World Is An Ashtray

  1. Cigarette smokers are natural litterers, all their paraphernalia is small and disposable. Matches, cigarette butts, empty cigarette packs, plastic lighters. All small pieces of litter. I think that cigarette smoking promotes a litterbug mindset, myself.

  2. In Oregon its a 500 dollar fine. My brother in law dropped one out of his car window infront of a state trooper while sitting at a stop light. He was handcuffed and finger printed when he showed up for his court date. Almost lost his CCW license. Like gun control there are already laws on the books, they just need to be enforced. When we have to have permits to buy cigarettes we will only be chipping away slowly at our freedoms and liberty. With that said and as a smoker I do agree that what some smokers do is disgusting and the best we can do is lead by example.

  3. I used to have a friend who smoked (probably still does).
    I asked him about this. He believed it to be cultural, before filters, cigarettes were biodegradable.
    Of course, he never mentioned that most folks now smoke filters, AND, the whole fire thing!
    To be fair, he was always considerate around me while smoking, and smoked outside @ my house, then 'field-stripped' the butts.

  4. Not defending their bad habits, but not all cars do have ashtrays these days. The wife's and the daughter's cars don't. No lighter either, just a “power port”.
    solution: get an empty glass juice bottle or tea bottle, put some water in it and drop the butts in there.

  5. Agreed- tossing those butts out is nasty and can/does cause unwanted fires as well.
    But what really gets me riled isn't the ciggie butts- it's those damned McDonlad's bags and styrofoam containers and cups and straws all over the roadways and often wind-blown into my yard. And then there are th ebeer cans and bottles- which break- and will bio-degrade about as quickly as a cigarette butt.
    As noted: you can see the trash flying out the windows of those Prii (grin) and Leafs and Volts with all the “I'm a green dickhead” bumper snickers.
    Every one should be made to spend six months cleaning the roadsides.
    (chuckle: WV: 'wautzomp': what I was gonna say should be done to those litterers)

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