Blogging As The Year Runs Out

Borepatch has a long post with pictures about yesterday’s shoot.

Sean Sorrentino has a post about barrel swapping while retaining rifle zero, a test he performed yesterday on one of the Templar Consulting AR pattern rifles.

Knitebane Manor is promising his impressions in an upcoming post.

My thoughts, beyond the fun of shooting some new and interesting rifles, are the relationships. There were some friends of mine from the club there, Borepatch who I’ve known for a few years, along with Sean, Bob, and Knitebane.

We tied up most of a range, with targets at 50, 100, and 200 yards. Without having met before, we managed to shoot safely, follow the range rules, and interact with other club members who happened to be out to use the facility that day. The shared language of the 4 rules and decades of experience gave us all a basis to make it a safe, fun day.

I would shoot with any or all of these guys again.


Borepatch Can’t Shoot Worth Sh*t

The title of this post is supposed to make JayG spray coffee on his monitor. Borepatch shoots just fine.

This is the first of several posts about a small blogger gathering at my club’s range. Borepatch, Borepatch’s Son #2, Sean Sorrentino, Knitebane, Bob of Templar Consulting, Dan, and I met and spent the day together. It was loud, there was old and new. Bob is a manufacturer, so he brought some of the rifles he’s been working on. Everyone else brought their favorites and dipped into their ammo stash.

More to follow.

Go Ahead, Kid, The First One’s Free

Dinner with Borepatch and son. Followed by a reloading lesson. Throwing powder charges, seating bullets. Trying to make it seem easy and fun.

I want it to be easy and fun so he buys a press and a set of .303 British dies, and bullets, and powder, and primers, and lube, and calipers, and a scale, and a table to mount it on, and sets up a reloading bench. That way when he sticks a case in the sizing die or the bolt won’t close on the ammo he made, or the results over the chronograph are all over the map, he can remember how much fun he’s having.

Whether my evil plan works out or not, we made 30.06 with some very nice 168 gr. Sierra boat tails for use at tomorrow’s shoot.