Stephen King has a new book out. The title is 11/22/63. It’s a simple enough premise for a Stephen King book, there’s one magical thing, a door from now to 1958. When you find it, what do you do with it? For anyone over 55, the title gives it away. You decide to change history, to stop the events of November 22, 1963. And yes, some of the book is about that.

But you have 5 years to live through to get there and that is the real story in this novel. The living, breathing heart of it is just this man’s life as he lives it in a small town in America as it was. Because what happens when you live somewhere? You get connected, you grow rooted, and sometimes you fall in love.

Here’s a review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Michelle McFee. It’s clear she saw some of the same things I did. This is one of the best fiction stories I have read in a long time. He found a group of characters in a place and time and gave them life.


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