Carteach0 and I Collaborate

Carteach0 and I collaborated on a post about military surplus ammo. It’s not definitive by any means, just we have learned so far, and it has raised as many questions as it answered.

The best thing about it is that the internet allowed Carteach0 and I to connect, share ideas and common interests, and put up a post together. Go and read it, if old ammo and even older rifles are of interest to ya’.


2 thoughts on “Carteach0 and I Collaborate

  1. I'm collecting guns from every country I've been to, or, worked with…
    Picked up an almost perfect M53 Yugoslavian 7.62X25 MM pistol. (I shot one in Bosnia).
    I was able to pick up a case of surplus Polish 1950 ammo for about 4bucks for 70 rounds.
    I didn't bother with a Chrono, but shot it up to 25 meters and it all shot…the sights suck, so it took a few mags to figure out how to aim it.
    Able to hit a soccer ball at 10 meters.

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