There’s Nothing New Under The Sun

Looking back at old editions of Guns Magazine, I found an article in the July 1955 edition titled “Why Guns Blow Up”. It starts on page 30.

The classic 20ga. shell in a 12ga. gun. Double charging a .357 Magnum. Modern smokeless powder in black powder guns. Loading the wrong size cartridge. Firing with a barrel obstruction.

If you were rewriting the article for publication today, some of the older mistakes would be less likely because those guns and calibers have become collectors items, not shooters. A few new issues have arisen. But for the most part everything they were writing about in 1955 is still happening.

Oh, and on page 50, where the article is continued, there is an ad for the Boys antitank rifle. You could have one shipped to your home, no paperwork, for $98.50 from Southeastern Shooters Supply in College Park, Md.


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