Guest Post, With Math and Logic

I have a friend that tried blogging and found the need to have a steady stream of words day after day to be too much. To be fair, he has two young special needs children, along with a life and a wife and a job. Yesterday he got a few free minutes and wrote the following, then sent it to me as an unsolicited submission, asking that I consider it for Random Acts of Patriotism.

So here is my first guest post. Written by a good man who asked to be called Doble Troble. Warning! Math will be involved.

The Illogic of “Occupy” Protests

“We are the ninety-nine percent!”

What does this mean? It means that you represent essentially the entire population from which you come. This means that you are indistinguishable from any other individual. You are decidedly indistinct, and yet you are angry enough to protest against the remaining one percent of the population. In statistical terms, one percent is considered to be insignificant. One percent of a population is unrepresentative. It is an anomaly. It is nothing.

Those claiming to represent essentially the entire population are protesting against essentially nothing.

The “ninety-niners” claim that the “one-percenters” are greedy. “Five-percenters” like Barrack Obama, Michael Moore, Donald Sutherland, Mike Meyers, Lady Gaga and numerous others agree.

They all support redistribution of “one-percenter” wealth, apparently through Federal government action, although the specific mechanism to be used to create “fairness” remains unclear.

So what is it that “one-percenters” have that everyone else wants? It is 34% of our country’s net worth1. Isn’t it clearly unfair that so few should have so much? Maybe so!

What would happen if tomorrow Congress (comprised almost entirely of “five-percenters”) using authority vested by the “Commerce Clause” passed legislation to confiscate the net worth of “one-percenters” and then evenly distribute it among the ninety-nine percent?

OK, this requires math! Thirty-four percent of our country’s net worth, divided by ninety-nine percent of the population not subject to confiscation, means that everyone will receive an average of 0.34% increase in net worth! Finally! Justice!

Of course this also means that those exceedingly rare individuals who understand how to be productive at levels not appreciated by essentially everyone will no longer have the resources to do what they have done so exceedingly well.

What happens next?

Most “forty-seven-percenters” who actually pay Federal income tax can tell you right-away: recession if we’re lucky, depression if luck has nothing to do with it, and most-likely economic collapse.

You go, “ninety-niners”! In order to fundamentally change a system, you must first tear it down. Although you apparently don’t understand this, it is clearly what you are accomplishing. And what do you stand to gain? A one-time across-the-board “stimulus” of 0.34% in net worth. Enjoy that IPad upgrade (hopefully the internet won’t be impacted to the point that it becomes useless).