NC Disarms Everyone On Campus

NC disarms everyone but law enforcement on all school campuses including universities.
This is the result.

Two Fayetteville State University students were robbed at gunpoint in their dorm room early Sunday, in what CBS affiliate WRAL reports was the fourth armed robbery within student housing this year.

It’s not safer. It doesn’t even feel safer. It just makes it a pretty good bet that the criminals are not going to run into armed resistance.


6 thoughts on “NC Disarms Everyone On Campus

  1. Once of the reasons I left a position as Adjunct instructor at CPCC. They farmed out the security totally instead of having off-duty LEO and CPCC security heads that were usually retired LEO.

    Now I still get the “Security Updates” on the CP email. They are on the rise.

  2. But give thanks the victims were obeying the law. Who'd have gone to jail if they had defended themselves with like force? (Snark)

  3. From the adamant stand of the Administration, backed up by the stance of campus security, I must conclude that UNC is in league with the bandits.

    No, the Administration needn't be receiving a monetary rake-off from the thieves. Perhaps this is just a tactic for seeking an increase in funding, owing to the “critical importance of increasing campus security.” What other possibilities are there?

  4. WTF what do you mean non-law abiding criminals are a
    still carrying.

    They not get the memo?

    I just don't get how they are still carry.

    Don't those armed robbers realize they are breaking the law carrying a gun into a gun free zone.


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