But That’s Your Economic Model, Isn’t It?

Occupy Wall Street cooks are tired of feeding the homeless. But, but, but…Now wait a minute. Isn’t it “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need?” Are you saying these people don’t need to eat? If you have the ability to feed them, don’t you think you should do so? If not, who decides who eats and who doesn’t? That decider, how do you pick him?

Because this is a microcosm of your health care model. It’s just supposed to be provided to everyone. What happens when the providers get tired of people freeloading? What happens when people who don’t take care of themselves, don’t work, and don’t have any money show up and demand health services, and the doctors and nurses are tired of doing it for free and quit? Are you going to order them to do it? If so, explain how this isn’t slavery. If not, explain how this model for health care doesn’t have failure built right in like a feature.

So if your cooks are tired of working for nothing for people who don’t contribute, maybe they should take a break and read Atlas Shrugged and consider what sort of economic system they want to spend their time supporting.


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