From My Other Blog

A quote from a senior practioner of Aikido, Shihan Francis Takahashi, in a column he wrote entitled, “Winning Vs. Not-losing”. RTWT. This stood out as applying to more than just the martial arts.

I would humbly submit that we must attempt to “not lose,” in no particular order, our personal sense of integrity of purpose, the respect and expectations from those close to us, and to maintain this identity unshakably against the negative words or actions of others. I would think that it is essential, not to lose our self respect, our hard won self esteem, and a healthy self image, and to continue being faithful to our ideals and our standards of personal conduct, of correct thinking, speech and behavior, to respect others, as well as ourselves, in our environment. Isn’t this what being a genuinely consistent leader is all about? Don’t we need to be aware of what we have to lose, vs. what we hope to gain? It is said that “the fear of loss is a greater motivator than the hope of gain”.