Watched The Walking Dead Premiere

The Walking Dead on AMC is a big hit. I don’t have cable, but AMC put the show up on their website, so I watched it last night.

First, I liked it. I can see why people are tuning in. Complex characters and relationships always drive a good story.

Here’s my quibble for the writers and directors. Find someone who knows something about guns and motor vehicles. The world is ended. There are brand new 4WD trucks with winches, military vehicles, tow trucks, etc. just sitting around. Get these people thinking and into something suitable for the situation.

And the guns. Shotguns, revolvers and a couple of bolt action rifles? Really? And the leaders of the little band are still playing “I’m the only one…”? Every single person, right down to the children should be carrying a magazine fed rifle and a handgun. In that situation, if the group leader decided I didn’t rate a weapon, I would turn and start walking, checking cars for weapons as I went. They should have belt fed 30 cal. weapons in the pickups, or military Humvees with turrets.

The idea of not firing because the noise attracts more zombies is cool. Starting to build silencers and doing some testing needs to be in an upcoming show. I like it because it does complicate things.

I’d be okay with gun malfunctions. But they are supposed to be in Georgia after the collapse. Do you not think every other vehicle in that traffic jam would have weapons? Every little town have a couple of gun shops? Every bigger town have a National Guard armory? What country are you from? Do they speak English there?


2 thoughts on “Watched The Walking Dead Premiere

  1. It wasn't really shown much during the first season, but guns and ammo seem to be in short supply. Rick was able to acquire several guns from his police station. I'd be willing to bet that there's a universal ammo shortage due to widespread looting/hoarding. One of the Season 1 shows focused on a confrontation between Rick's group and a Hispanic group in Atlanta over Rick's guns.

  2. I made a similar comment to the Southern Belle when we watched it the other night. I'd hit the local gun shops or even walmart and load the bed of the pickup with ammo at the very least. And yet, here are the characters scrounging small revolvers off rotting corpses. When either of us starts picking apart the plausibility of the tv show, the other always responds with, ” well, it's in the script.”

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