Today’s Adventure

I went out to a friend’s property in a rural part of the county. They had a lot of trees down and brush to clear. Ran a chain saw until my arms were reduced to noodles. I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Additionally, one of the rear tires on their tractor was flat and had come unseated from the rim. I jacked it up, put a ratchet strap on it to puff it out, then sprayed ether in and lit it. Very satisfying, it popped right back on the bead and inflated. Then it went flat again. Not so satisfying, there was a puncture in the tire and it had been mounted without a tube.

Late in the afternoon, the tractor mechanic showed up to take the wheel and install a tube. He drove up in a 1936 International pickup truck. I didn’t have my camera, but one of the other people took a picture, modified it to make it look old, and sent it to me.

This truck isn’t restored, it’s running. The effect in the picture makes it look far better than it did looking at it. We unbolted the tractor wheel, then dropped the tailgate and flipped the wheel up into the bed so he could take it with him. Just a guy making a living going out to farms to fix things, in a antique pickup truck.


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