Giving In To Their Demands

I want to see the Wall Street Protesters make this work. So I have a proposal. Let’s give them the opportunity to show us how it works.

Let’s fence off a piece of the country and give it to them. Good land with water, decent rainfall, rivers, and a growing season. We could pick out part of Nebraska. Inside that area, say the size of Connecticut, they would be free to create their utopia.

For our part we would give in to their demands as much as possible. All their debts would be forgiven(11). Everyone would be equal(8). Everyone would be free to join the worker’s union(13). There would be no credit reporting allowed(12). They could hold whatever elections they like, by what ever system they devise(10). They could provide free education to whatever level they want(4). They could make products or grow crops and sell them to one another, but everyone would be guaranteed an equal share of the money and food, even if they contribute nothing to the economy(1,3). No fossil fuels will be allowed, they are free to use any alternative power sources they can devise(5). The area given to them will include a large hospital, fully stocked. Staffing it will be their problem, as no one can be forced to work for anyone else(3). Anyone that wants to join them can do so at any time(9). No electricity from nuclear power will be allowed(7).

In addition, although they have not thought of it, I would be willing to provide the following items to help get them on their feet.

1. Draft animals, such as cattle to breed oxen, horses, and mules. They will need them since fossil fuel things like tractors, trucks, and trains are banned.

2. Chickens, pigs, and goats in large enough numbers to serve as breeding stock.

3. Seeds for food crops in sufficient quantity to begin farming.

4. Hand tools of every sort. Hoes, rakes, plows, shellers, hammers, whatever we can think of or they ask for, as long as they don’t use power from forbidden sources.

5. Shelter, food, and clothing to get them started for the first year. I realize that the first pioneers built sod houses and made do, but I’m willing to do better than that, if they want it.

6. Other items requested as long as they don’t interfere with the Demands.

My reason for offering to do this is for them to have the chance to show me how it is done. Some of them would try. I know they would. They would work hard, distribute what they made equitably, not consume more than they needed, provide for good of others. But many would not. They would take. They would refuse to work, or work so poorly that it was a detriment. This has been tried on a large scale. It was called the Soviet Union. Even with gulags and the deaths of tens of millions, it could not be made to work.

What they are asking for is unsustainable. If they really believed it would work, they would not be protesting on Wall Street. They would go out on their own and form communities, they could call them communes, and put this all into practice. Once we saw the success of their efforts, we could quit our dreary corporate lives and join them. They would, of course, welcome each one of us as we arrived with open arms. They could do much of what they are demanding with no help at all. Quit paying the insurance companies and pool their money to pay the hospitals and doctors directly. Quit using fossil fuels. Quit using electricity from nuclear sources. Establish full equality. Give everyone a share just for being there, whether they work or not. Rebuild wetlands and forests.

Don’t tell me, show me. Quit protesting and go get started.


5 thoughts on “Giving In To Their Demands

  1. Fantastic.

    It's almost the history of the Plymouth colony, right? Started out as a commune (300 years before Marx?), everyone farm everyone contribute, store all the food in one stock house for everyone. After they almost died off in the first year, they went to “fend for yourself”.

  2. How about turning over Chicago and some of Illinois?

    Then they would even have a port to manage.

    Many of the residents there seem to fit their mentality already

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