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My last post brought a couple of thoughtful comments that deserve your consideration. I want to thank my readers for taking the time to write them. Government overreaching their authority to gain power is always a problem. I’m just not sure that this particular situation fits the bill.

I still think if you go to Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, join Al-Qaeda, make DVDs and magazines where you publicly advocate the bombing and killing of Americans, you have poked the bear. How was anyone supposed to capture them, extradite them, hold a trial? This is war in the 21st century. Non-nation state players, people with religious allegiance over national patriotism, modern surveillance, and drone weapons.

This does not suggest that I think a U.S. citizen in the United States, suspected of the similar activity, should be killed in a drone attack by the CIA. In that case, he should be arrested and given a trial. In fact, 2 days ago I posted about just such a situation and thought his arrest was the proper outcome. It is even further away from suggesting that a person who supports the rights enumerated in the Constitution and wants the government to stop spending money it doesn’t have is a terrorist.

On the primary point of my post, my search for a candidate to vote for next November continues. I want a social libertarian, fiscal conservative, with a strong sense of American exceptionalism and some idea how to deal with the national debt, Islamic extremism, and the ongoing economic depression. If you’re that candidate, or you know who that candidate is, leave me a comment. I held my nose and voted for McCain last time, but I will not do that again.


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  1. The morality of this is simple, is your life or the life of an innocent threatened by an individual? If so, that individual has themselves relinquished their civil rights including the right to continue living. This is why etiquette was once so important. The lack of consequences for improper behavior is why etiquette is viewed as anachronistic. Maybe we need to turn back the clock – and quickly!

  2. ASM826:

    Now the suitability of a particular candidate is a serious subject even without the side issue of treason & assassination.

    (No, the government would not be able to capture and extradite – but the citizen should be given the chance to return voluntarily. But as Borepatch suggests, a trial even in absentia would focus attention. But back to the subject at hand…)

    I have not seen anyone I can warm up to the Republicans (or media) are willing to propose – I suspect mostly because the type of candidate I personally would be looking for – probably similar to the one you seek – is not going to be acceptable to the pundits and powers that be.

    Do I hold my nose – or not bother voting?

    We're in for a rough ride … I'm afraid we've barely begun regardless of the outcome in 2012.

  3. Have you looked closely at Herman Cain?
    Right now he is the only one I can consider without holding my nose.

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