At What Point Are You Being Paranoid?

If you have a late model GM vehicle with OnStar, they are capable of tracking you, and have modified the contract terms to allow them to sell the information they collect at will. Speed, location, seat belt latch, and so on.

I would not own a GM vehicle under any circumstances. If you gave me one I would sell it. But even so, if there are good reasons that you have for driving one, you should Google up how to completely disable OnStar on your vehicle unless you trust GM and the government to always do what’s best for you.


8 thoughts on “At What Point Are You Being Paranoid?

  1. I was going to post about this, but you beat me to it (and said basically everything that needed saying).

    Linkage tomorrow first thing. Like that'll send much traffic, but still.

  2. It's behind the dashboard on the passenger side, according to what I find:

    “Sit in the passenger seat of the Chevrolet pickup. Locate the trim panel on the dashboard on the right side of the center section of the dashboard, to the right of the ashtray. Remove the trim panel using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket.

    Locate the OnStar module behind the trim panel, which is a silver box. Disconnect the wiring to the OnStar module using your hands.”

  3. They really don't want to start a war with users over this. No used car will ever have a working “OnStar” that can just be reactivated.

    I have a drill. I have a bunch of different saws, cutters and other metalworking tools. They're not going to win.

  4. There are four connectors and two antenna leads. J4 needs to remain connected for the car to run, so drilling and sawing the box has a bad effect.

    Just pulling the fuse is likely enough since connector J1 (X1 in the service manual) is just power from that fuse and a ground.

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