What Does It Have in It’s Pocketsess?

From the Neanderpundit comes this meme: Take the knife out of your pocket and take a picture of it, and post it. Or post a picture of the same knife from a brochure or whatever.

So don’t go get a Randall out of the safe, he’s looking for your daily carry. Here’s mine (well, here’s a picture of one just like mine). Kershaw 1830.

Nothing fancy or expensive, but it’s what was in my pocket. I had it on that camp out last week and I used it for everything from cutting rope to spreading peanut butter.


3 thoughts on “What Does It Have in It’s Pocketsess?

  1. I've never owned a Kershaw, although I've been aware of them since the 80's. Back then they didn't offer anything I didn't already have, and…same today.

  2. And, just to be contrary, I've EDC'd a Randall before, a 3″ Salt Water Fisherman. It's shorter than many folders, and is absolutely perfect for shucking oysters and clams, as well as the usual EDC tasks of opening boxes (even the big industrial staples come out easily with this knife) scraping, cutting string/fishing line, etc.

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