Video of the Turtles

I stayed away from VHS video cameras. They were big, they required a lot of toting and setup, and after seeing what people did with them, I didn’t have any interest. Really, are those proud parents sitting around tonight saying, “Wow, let’s break out that old VCR and watch Susie’s third grade piano solo from 1989!”

Technology marches on, though, and there is a fairly high quality video mode in the Canon SX130 I used to take all the pictures I imposed on you the last few days. I don’t usually think of using it, and probably should have done more with it than I did, but it occurred to me to try it on one of the little turtles as it entered the surf.

So here’s a minute and half of turtle determination, taken last Tuesday, September 13th, 2011, in Huntington Beach State Park. Watching those turtles make their way to the ocean is one of the coolest nature events I’ve ever personally witnessed.


6 thoughts on “Video of the Turtles

  1. Maybe an inch and a half lengthwise down the shell, an inch across. Add the head and flippers and it would still sit in a three inch circle.

  2. Magical and wonderful, as I mentioned in the earlier post. I don't think that even Robert Ruark, that wonderful writer who grew up in Southport, NC, and wrote about it in The Old Man and the Boy, got to see the baby turtles making their way to the sea, although he did write of seeing a mother laying the eggs and riding on her back into the ocean.

    You're incredibly fortunate to have seen this.

  3. Thank you so much for the video. If you get a chance to see that sort of thing – I would suggest that you make friends with the thing. You must be charmed in some way so blessings be upon you for sharing.

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