Ruger SP101 in .22LR

Really? You bastards. I get myself under control. Tell myself the guns I have are enough, no need to buy anything, plenty of options for any kind of shooting. I go away for a few days and you come out with this? A Ruger SP101 in .22 LR, with an 8 shot cylinder and a 4″ barrel?

Sure, come into the rehab center with heroin samples, why not?



4 thoughts on “Ruger SP101 in .22LR

  1. Yeah, I thought the same thing.

    At a fun show some time ago, I was looking at a North American Arms .22LR revolver and a “friend” steered me away from it to an RG 23 revolver from the '60s, telling me how much more “Interesting” it is.

    What a piece of crap! Yeah, it shoots a .22 bullet – most of the time – but just barely. It seems you have to hold the trigger all the way back, and the the hammer drops when it feels like it.

    That Ruger sure got my attention.

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