What Do You Believe?

I ran into the whole “9/11 was a right wing plot” while trying to put together tomorrow’s post. I wrote this a couple of years ago, here it is again, because I can do no better.


Here’s my answer to the Truthers that think that George Bush and Dick Cheney fabricated the 9/11 attacks, used missiles and professionally placed explosives to blow up the Pentagon and the World Trade Center and did who knows what with 4 airplanes full of people.

The truth is 19 men, armed with a belief system based in Islam, and trained by Islamic radicals, took four aircraft and used them as weapons. Those planes are large, the energy in the fuel is enormous, and the kinetic energy at speed is great enough to essentially reduce the entire plane to fragments, transferring that energy into whatever it impacts. A aircraft traveling 600 miles an hour is going 800 feet per second, about the same velocity as a bullet out of a .45 caliber handgun. The bullet weighs 0.033 lb and has 327 ft/lbs of energy. A loaded 747 weighs about 850,000 lbs and has about 8454000000 ft/lbs of energy.

You see, people don’t want to believe that our society is so vulnerable, so easy to attack that a couple of dozen men willing to spend their lives could kill so many people and cause so much damage. Add that to the fact that they had been trained like Pavlov’s dogs to hate George Bush and the Republicans and you have a situation where it’s easy to create an entire conspiracy theory by asking what about this, what about that, how can you explain this?

I’m not linking to it, Google it if you must. I’m not even going to refute it point by point, although it can be. I’m going straight into the rancid center of it and pull it out here for you to consider. Remember that the narrative has been that Bush was a moron, Bush was a monkey, Cheney had to tell him to tie his shoes, etc, etc,…

But at the same time, to be a Truther, you have to believe that George Bush is an evil genius. Capable of masterminding a plot of gigantic proportions. And still I have not reached the center. Because even if George Bush was that evil, you have to believe something else.

You have to believe that thousands of people knew and actively participated in the plot. People setting charges in the World Trade Centers. Military officers firing missiles at the Pentagon. The people that called from the planes, and the people they talked to, all part of the plot. All done for what purpose? To start a war we haven’t really fought? And you have to believe that no one talked, that all the investigators that found the truth all went along.

I served in the U.S. military. I have friends and relatives in law enforcement. I have known some hard guys, people that can and have used violence under orders. You could not get them to go along with a plot like this. Everything they believe about themselves would not let them kill American women and children. They would not do it. They wouldn’t lie about it after the fact and they wouldn’t participate in covering it up. Anyone who thinks this is remotely possible has no contact with, or understanding of, the ethics and honor of professional military and law enforcement.

But if this was true, if this was what happened on 9/11/2001, then the entire core of America is utterly and irrecoverably evil. The President, the Congress, the military, national law enforcement, and thousands of government workers, all participated in an atrocity. It would mean that the only course of action anyone could take would be to fight against it. It wouldn’t mean putting up some website or talking earnestly between bong hits to your friends about the Truth of Nine Eleven. It would mean that the United States was as evil and corrupt as Nazi Germany and that you would have to make a stand, to spend your life trying to overthrow this evil.

All the evil the Truthers want to assign to George Bush and the United States? It’s real. It needs to be fought. It needs to be defeated. We need to take a stand. But it’s not George Bush and it’s not the United States. I believe The fact is that the driving force behind 9/11 was Islamic fundamentalism and a hate of non-muslims, and that those people have shown by their actions to be evil, holders of a corrupt belief system, willing to kill women and children in terror attacks, not just on 9/11, but in Madrid, London, Belsen, and over and over in Israel. Attacks that will continue until the people behind them are defeated.


5 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?

  1. I know I don't believe the network news…and I know that Bush and Cheney both refused to be questioned by authorities without holding hands–and both refused to testify under oath. I know that while all American civilian aircraft was grounded in the aftermath, that a private jet flew to various location picking up Osama's family members and left the Country w/o being questioned.

    I know that far too many people were murdered on 9/11 and far too many have died in Afghanistan and Iraq. I know that more Veterans are killing themselves here at home than are dying in battle. Currently, the # is 18 a day that are taking their own lives.

    I know you are right about the threat to the United States that Muslims pose–sharia law holy crap–it ain't for humans!

    I know that Georgejr isn't smart enough to plot his course out of a wet paper bag—what I do not know is who is responsible.

    It's all ugly and I know that it doesn't look like it's gonna get any prettier soon…I know that the individual Constitutional Rights of every American were decimated in the wake of 9/11, and remain so today. it's all very, very ugly.

  2. And I know that First Responder's can not attend the Memorial at ground zero–which really is strange—these folks risked their lives and lost their fellows rescuing survivors and pulling out bodies of those murdered.

  3. Well said, and true… People are determined NOT to believe the truth, because that would upset their precious applecart of beliefs… The REALITY is we were attacked by those 19 individuals and supported by many more… The truthers, by default are helping those who attacked us IMHO.

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