I Picked One.

We lost so many, and we have lost so many more since then in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the totality of it becomes overwhelming, I make a special effort to remember just one person. Christine Lee Hanson. She was traveling with her parents to visit Disneyland in California on United Flight 175. She was three. She should be thirteen.

Look through the stories of the murdered. Pick one and learn about them, their life, and what their loss means to those left behind.


4 thoughts on “I Picked One.

  1. A good idea. Maybe go every year, or month, but this is a great reminder that the 4000+ isn't just a number, it is the individuals which the numbers represent. I am starting with my home state(s), as that's a connection I have.
    Thanks for the tears,

  2. I have my tribute up to my personal victim of 9-11, and that is a nice touch you have here, very nice…

    I am certain that on that September day there were angels among us, and I would imagine that they too wept…

    I’m a big strong guy, but I am not the least bit bothered to tell you, I wept, from anger, from compassion, from a feeling of total helplessness, and yes, even fear, not fear for myself, but fear for my family and their immediate safety…

    I was 1,500 miles from home that day and all I could think of was getting home to my wife and making sure my children were safe, and I couldn’t do that…

    None of us knew what the future held, we still don’t, but I hope with all my heart that these same angels are with us now…

    I can’t speak for all Americans, but I know that I am still hurting, every day that goes by I remember 9-11, and I don’t know if a *healing* will ever take place in me, but I pray for the lives of those affected in an even more direct fashion, I pray for our firefighters, police officer and our troops… I pray that ALL of America will wake up to the dangers around us and unite in an effort to defeat the evils that threaten our lives and freedoms.

    No matter where that evil comes from!

    I will NEVER forgive and I will NEVER forget!

  3. I had three friends die in the Pentagon… Jack Punches, JJ Pycior, and Larry Getzfred. I'd served with all of them, and had know Jack and Larry since the 1970s. I will NOT forget!

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