How I Feel Now, Part 5

On NPR this morning there was a teaser for an upcoming 9/11 show. In it, a woman’s voice said(as best as I can remember), “Never Forget is not a good slogan, because if we don’t forget, how do we heal and move on?” I may not have that word for word, but I have the idea pretty clearly and honestly. It tells what the tone of that show is going to be. Then again, they probably didn’t want to interview me, either.

I haven’t healed. I haven’t moved on. Moreover, I don’t want or intend to heal and move on. I intend to carry the wound to my death. If and when the rest of America recognizes the threat we are faced with, I’ll be here waiting.

Semper Memoria.

In case it’s faded for you, here’s some recently released audio from Flight 11.


2 thoughts on “How I Feel Now, Part 5

  1. It is unimaginable to me that anyone would ever be able to say “September 11th? Oh, I forgot all about that.”

    The only ones who have a problem with all the remembrances are the ones who *want* to forget, most out of sheer denial, some out of political correctness.

    I'm with you. I want to remember, and I will never allow myself to forget until the day I die. I will never turn my back to the memory of that day, and I will hold to the sadness and anger, as there is no amount of earthly justice that can repair it.

    Never forget.

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