Mayor Bloomberg

Here’s a fine quote from Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, “We have to not let the terrorists win by intimidation.” This in response to report of credible threats of car bombs to celebrate the 9/11 Anniversary.

Mr. Mayor, they are not trying to win by intimidation. They are trying to win by blowing people into bloody chunks.


2 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg

  1. During my relatively sparse experience with street-fighting in the inner cities, I did learn one thing, namely, “Pay no attention to what a guy says, but watch very closely what he does with his hands.”

    The issue is not what Bloomie is saying, but what he is doing.

    Specifically, on September 11th, will he be walking the streets of his beloved city unintimidated, or will he bunker down in Gracie Mansion (or, more likely, one of his other residences somewhere in the world)?

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