How I Feel Now, Part 2

We said we were in a “global war on terror”. Terror is a tactic. You can’t declare war on a tactic. It’s the same as if FDR had looked at the attack on Pearl Harbor and declared war on aviation.

If we are at war, it’s with people that are bonded together by ideas and ideology. Who are they? Who declared war on us? Figure that out, then go destroy their ability to harm us by any means necessary. Quit being nice about it.

I have given up hope that we will do that.


One thought on “How I Feel Now, Part 2

  1. I'm with you 100% on this. If we're going to put people in harms way, we should hit like lightning. Find the ones who need to be hit, eliminate them, and go home. It would be fine with me if other nations looked at us as those folks who just might reduce you to a smoking hole if we you mess with us.

    To put troops in harms way in a politically correct military that cares about not farting instead of winning is a terrible waste of our nation's best.

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