How I Felt Back Then

I kept this email, and went back into the archives I have moved forward through different accounts to find it. I wrote this, as it shows, on September 27, 2001, and mailed in reply to a request to participate in a candlelight “peace rally”. If I had thought we would still be fighting in Afghanistan ten years later, I would have been a lot more furious. Here are my exact words from that long ago time:


Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 06:19:12



Subject: My current reply to most e-mail

SORRY, NOT THIS TIME! I’m not interested in mourning, grieving, or moving

on. I am not interested in colored ribbons, candle light vigils, or new

memorials where tall buildings once stood. I am ready for the United States

to lead the world in eliminating evil people and their distorted ideas. When

that job is done, then we can rebuild, and put up appropriate memorials to

all the dead.

The United Islamic Jihad made a written declaration of war on the U.S. in

1999. We ignored it, to our current chagrin. Starting with the assault on

the U.S. Embassy in Iran in 1979, and the taking of the hostages (Remember

Jimmy Carter?), I have a list of events I have thought of. The bombing of

Pan Am 103, the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut (241 dead), 

the 1st bombing of the World Trade Towers, the bombing of the Kobar

apartments in Saudi Arabia, the bombing of the 2 U.S. Embassies in Africa,

and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole. There may be others, these are some that

come to mind.

Ok, we are at war, with a enemy who’s stated purpose is to destroy the

United States. What happened 2 weeks ago is not a tragedy, it is an

atrocity. Another in a series of acts of aggression that have gone

unanswered and unchallenged. I think flying the flag is enough of a symbol.

If you want to take action, here are some ideas.

1. Write your Congressmen and senators. Tell them you support the

President’s military actions. Demand that we go as far as is necessary to

ensure that no one can ever attack us like this again.

2. Send a care package, snacks, homemade cookies, etc. to a serviceman or


3. Befriend the family of a serviceman or woman that has been called up to

active duty or sent overseas. They need our help and support.

4. Encourage young men and women of good character to join one of the Armed

Services. We need the best of America in this fight.

5. Keep your outrage fresh. Don’t let the media or anyone else dilute the

energy. Stay focused, and be prepared for more attacks, deaths both here at

home, and in battle overseas.

6. Actively resist and confront “politically correct” people sharing

thoughts and ideas that wander toward the old idea of peace at any price.

Peace at any price isn’t peace, it’s slavery.

Semper Fidelis,



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