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As Egocentrist pointed out in the comments, lots of Marines drive Mustangs, so in an effort to be different, he suggested considering Sex on Wheels, otherwise known as the Pontiac GTO. I can get behind that, and out of the ones I see on E-Bay, this one looks like a reasonable alternative to the Chevy Volt.

The current bid is $17,099 and it has less than two days to go, although I noticed that the reserve is not met. You’re not going to get a GTO for what you can pay for a Mustang, there aren’t as many of them. But there’s lots of late ’60s, early ’70s muscle cars out there and something should catch your interest at a price that would make buying a Volt look criminal.

8 thoughts on “Another Alternative

  1. My very favorite GTO, and in my favorite color for that car. Even better, the ragtop.

    My own favorite muscle car, however, remains the 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner.

  2. For preparedness you need a car without a lot of electronics that can withstand an EMP such as that, and good all-around visibility! Yee-haw! 🙂

  3. $17k seems cheap for a “real” Goat. Undersized engine, bad tranny, something else wrong with it?

    Or have prices on that era muscle cars come down from the $35-$50k or more I'd expect?

    Nice looking car though…but partial to Chevelle SS for some reason.

  4. The Plymouth Barracuda or the Dodge Challenger, roughly 1970 vintage, with the 426-inch Magnum Wedge engine, would be a suitable alternative. So would a 1968 Chevy Camaro with the 327-inch “small block” under the hood, or perhaps a 1970 AMX powered by American Motors' underappreciated 401.

    A colleague of mine has a 1970 Challenger carrying the 426. The engine's been “street blueprinted,” with a special lightweight valve train and a 330-degree overlap camshaft. Twin superchargers, 1600 CFM carbs, and Hurst linkages. Sub-10 second quarter miles. He takes it to the track and runs through the lights a few times whenever he needs to recover from a fight with his wife. It's very good therapy.

  5. I miss my 68 Camero with a 350 under the hood. Drove that sweetheart until she fell apart from the brutal Pensacola sun and salt.

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