Chevy Volt

They managed to sell 125 of them last month. Not bad considering what it is. It’s a $42,500 dollar car, capable of 40 miles of electric travel on an 10-12 hour charge. After that, it’s a hybrid, running a gasoline engine to power a generator, at something like 45 mpg.

If I had 40K to drop on a car, I’d get one of these. Maybe this one.

There’s lots to choose from. For $40,000 I ought to be able to get one that has been mostly restored, do any work that still needs to be finished, and put gas in it for several years.

So here’s a question, Chevy sold 125 Volts last month, how many used Mustangs changed hands in July 2011?

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  1. I would say considerably more than that! I would also think that more money was used to purchase parts for the restoration and ongoing maintenance of used Mustangs than was spent on the Volts.

  2. True story – my first car was almost a used, first-year Mustang, the 64 1/2. What a collectible that would have been! Due to a bunch of weird circumstances (I was the kid brother) my brother and father worked out some sort of deal so that I ended up with brother's 1972 Pinto.

    What a let down.

    I'd still like a 'Stang. I love the way they sound.

  3. '64 Chevelle Malibu SS package is the only way to go. But a 'Stang isn't too bad a miss carriage, either. 😉
    Which reminds me.. our local 'Back to the 60's Night' is this week end… got to charge the batteries.
    (For the cameras, NOT the car! LOL- I'd never own one of those green mobiles- live too far in the stix for them to be practical.)

  4. Sure, I'd make a list. There's some Plymouths, a number of GM choices, and certainly more than one Ford on my “Hey, I got forty grand to spend on a car!” list of possibilities. So far, the choices you guys have mentioned would all be fine with me.

  5. Damm NFO- Now I need to send you to a reeducation camp! Four Mustangs here. Showed two of them and when any cars get that old and are still running, the love of the cars supersedes the brand wars. Met many good people running “Brand X” stuff, LOL!

  6. The Volt is an abortion. It was originally supposed to be all-electric. Oh well. One day.

    Also, I know I used to be big on the Mustang when I was younger, but there just way too many Marines driving them… I think I'd rather get an old GTO. Sex on wheels.

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