The Past is a Foreign Country

The video I posted a couple of days ago, with the service station owner dressed in a crisp uniform and a cap, reminded me of how people used to dress. If you look at old pictures of baseball games, men are wearing ties and hats, women are in dresses. Nurses wore starched hats and white dresses, not loose fitting scrubs. Last night there as an ad for an new TV show about Pan Am Airlines, and it showed the stewardesses in their iconic blue uniforms.

So here is a picture of a man dressed for work. What was his job?

The man is my grandfather. The uniform is what he wore as an employee of an inter-city bus company. He is standing in front of his bus. It was probably taken around 1930.

I don’t know that it was any better, but it sure was different.


3 thoughts on “The Past is a Foreign Country

  1. Interesting that you should mention how our parents used to dress, ASM- it really was different.
    My father was a riding instructor for a school and wore typical 'cowboy' garb at work, but when he got home, he wore a suit and tie if he went anywhere.
    And thinking about it, looking at how I dress now, I'm certain he'd have a few choice words for me. Such as: “Don't you have any pride?” or, “You look like a bum.”
    Thank you for reminding me I am a man who has pride in himself and will begin to reflect it in the manner I dress.
    Shy III

  2. Sieg heil. Personally I believe that restrictive dress leads to a restrictive society… or maybe it's vice versa, but either way they're connected. That's not to say that I think people should be going to work in shorts and Crocs, of course.

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