How I Found Out

I called to talk to Jeff about getting an inspection and a door lock replaced. I got an answering machine. I had never got an answering machine during business hours before. I left a message and after work I drove by the station. There was a sign on the door thanking customers for their business over the years.

I left him another message and asked him to call. He called the house and talked to my wife.

As I said in the last post, there are other factors than just the impending construction. Jeff’s fiancee had graduated and found a good job. By any kind of financial assessment, the business was only marginally profitable. The location was going to be unusable, possibly permanently. And there are family issues, involving Jeff’s time and energy, that make it difficult for him to put in the kind of hours it takes to run a operation like an independent service station.

I understand. I support his decision, hope for only the best for him and his. But it’s a loss.

I stopped this morning and took the picture at the top of this post. It’s not a business anymore, it’s an just an old building standing in the way of pending construction.

Last week I dropped my truck off at the local Ford garage. They did a fine job and I have no complaints about the service or the price. It was computerized and efficient. They sent me an email follow-up with a satisfaction survey. What more can you ask for these days?


8 thoughts on “How I Found Out

  1. Great series. Your idea to break it down into separate posts was a good one. You did a good job making us like the family and the business, and miss it when it was gone, even though none of us, your readers, will ever know them.

  2. I hate to see the passing of yet another Mom and Pop business. The customer service ethic is already nearly dead in this country. When the last Flemings is gone it will be gone forever.

  3. My mechanic story in a small town is personal as well and ends the same. As a nurse I cared for the mother of the owner, he became ill and wasn't able to keep up the busness. I had a chain replaced and was delighteted with the resultes. He also gave the busness to his son. He did my smog control every 2 years, nothing he fixed went wrong. Last week it closed as the son wasn't able to keep it up. I was truly sorry to see it go. Sorry about your story too.

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