Fleming’s Exxon

It used to be called Fleming’s Exxon. Dennis renamed it Fleming’s Tire and Service when he stopped selling gas. Some new regulations concerning underground tanks had been issued. It was the last straw. When I asked about it, he explained his decision. I’m paraphrasing, it was a while ago, but it went something like this:

“Those are new tanks in the ground now, only been there a few years. I had them replaced to meet standards when those pumps were installed. Now they have to be replaced again. So I sat down and did some figuring. If you take all my expenses, tanks, inspections, pumps, and the price I pay for delivered gas, and what I can sell it for, I might have broke even selling gas over the last ten years. I sure haven’t made anything. And everyone complains that it’s more than the Stop’n’Go sells it for, but I can’t match them. They get the gas at a corporate price. In the end, I’ve really lost money, because I’m going to pay to have the tanks removed and the soil tested one more time.”

He had the tanks removed and the pump islands leveled. It made it easier to get in and out of his bays. It was one thing he dealt with that I knew about. I started buying my gas at the Stop’n’Go.


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