Gun Control

Do not ever point to Great Britain as an example of why the United States should prevent it’s citizens from owning firearms, because this is the inevitable result.

When you disarm the citizens and the police you don’t get peace. You get anarchy.

3 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. Yeah, but…..:

    As commented on Borepatch:

    SO what do you do after your reload and the slide locks back and you now are facing an even more enraged crowd of people, with their number down by, say 20? Has your situation materially improved? There are still enough members in the crowd to kill or injure you should the decide to overwhelm you. It is possible that they will break and run, but that only happens sometimes. Crowd mentality (especially in some “Urban demographics”) is strange. You are as likely top enrage them as drive them off.

    I carry, I practice, but the handgun on your hip with 20 (or even 30) rounds is materially useless in a crowd of hundred(s). Like the bear, all you are going to do if you shoot is likely piss the crowd off.

    I'm not saying that shooting might not be your best option, but it will be the best of a slew of very poor options.

    Better, if possible, to NOT BE THERE. If possible.

    But to stand (alone) your ground with only a firearm (of any kind) against a crowd of a hundred or more is not a good idea.

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