Visually, With Hundred Dollar Bills

Because the debt clock in the sidebar is just numbers, I offer you the ruin of the Republic in a visual format. You don’t know whether to cry or to laugh.


All About The Bike

It’s All About The Bike was a library find on the new book shelf. Partly a story of guy with enough money to build the bike he really wants, it has some history, some trivia, and some of his personal stories of what cycling has meant to him. It reminded me again of what I loved about bicycles and working in a bike shop.

Oslo II

Looks like I jumped to conclusions about the perpetrators of the terror attack in Oslo. Terrorism is still an atrocity, whatever excuse the terrorists use. The loss of life, the wounded, the damage to the society, is all the same.

It also doesn’t change, based on events in the past 30 years, that my conclusion would have been correct, based on percentages.