The Power of the Internet

As I mentioned several posts back, I had revived an old slide scanner I bought in a junk shop and had been looking at scans of the slides that were included with the scanner. I don’t have anyone’s name, only the slides, which are dated September 1965. I scanned this one and thought that the view should be searchable.

It is clearly the Acropolis, captured at a moment in time. The car in the foreground helps date it. So I searched for a couple of things finally trying “acropolis looking up from the square”. I found a view in the first page of images. Found out the name of the area. Searched the name Monastiriki Square and found this.

It is one of a series of images that can be viewed here. This is what the Athens Tourist Guide has to say about it. From an old slide, to that much information, in about two minutes.

Sometimes it feels like the future.