All About The Bike

It’s All About The Bike was a library find on the new book shelf. Partly a story of guy with enough money to build the bike he really wants, it has some history, some trivia, and some of his personal stories of what cycling has meant to him. It reminded me again of what I loved about bicycles and working in a bike shop.


One thought on “All About The Bike

  1. Ever built one from a bare frame? I imagine you have, if you worked in a bike shop.

    I have not, but I've turned a hybrid into a road bike, replacing everything except the brakes and bottom bracket. Got an exceptional deal on a Titanium bike, about what the cheapest naked frame I could find would have cost. Sunk another two hundred into drop bars, STI shifters and derailleurs, giving me a comfortable Titanium road bike for just about a k-buck.

    Rode it for a couple of years until one of the silly boutique wheels it came with failed and I needed to put new wheels on it.

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