Another Point of View

Al Jazeera’s commentary on the attacks in Norway. It’s interesting to note that at the top of the page they are reporting that several arrests have been made in connection with the attack.


2 thoughts on “Another Point of View

  1. Even more interesting, somebody 'altered' the perp's facebook page to say he was 'Christian' and 'Conservative'…

  2. First an Islamic terrorist group claims responsibility, and then al jazeera publishes an opinion piece about how terrorism really has been Western European from the beginning.

    I suppose the al jazeera editor is right, because there has been a long history of western bad behavior. But it pretty-much ended with the birth of the US. This is why we're the most hated. We had a long run of personal freedom predicated on personal responsibility. Responsibility for 150 years or-so seemed like a small price to pay for freedom. Then came a 'New Deal'. It took about three generations to bring US to the point that our 'weak' God who doesn't dictate our every move is being replaced by Allah who does. At least we won't be responsible for individually deciding 'what's right' anymore. If we die for Allah, we can expect 72 virgins to boot (I hope they've got Viagra dispensers in Paradise). As Americans, if we try to die for freedom and don't, all we get is more dammed responsibility.

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