Oslo II

Looks like I jumped to conclusions about the perpetrators of the terror attack in Oslo. Terrorism is still an atrocity, whatever excuse the terrorists use. The loss of life, the wounded, the damage to the society, is all the same.

It also doesn’t change, based on events in the past 30 years, that my conclusion would have been correct, based on percentages.


3 thoughts on “Oslo II

  1. Obviously it DOES change that your conclusions would be incorrect. Funnily enough, his Facebook postings indicate a right-wing bias and anti-Islamic leanings. Maybe you guys could hang out.

  2. It's much too early to understand the relationship of this person to the planning of the event. He was clearly involved in its execution. 90+ defenseless teenagers were killed. The fact they were defenseless is a crime also. Anyone who can't see that Islamic terrorism is a real threat to freedom is either deaf, dumb and blind, or intractably stoopid (with two “o's”).

    It's hard to imagine that a single Norwegian citizen could have been responsible for what happened here. The fertilizer bomb is plausible, the automatic rifle used to kill the 90+ teenagers is the problem. Automatic rifles are even harder to come by in Norway than they are in the US. This person must have had help getting this rifle, and ammo, and practice. It's no small feat killing almost 100 people in a short period of time even if they were concentrated and confined to a building. These people were in the open. The idea that this was a single Norwegian terrorist is as fishy as Norwegian lutefisk.

    What's even more troubling than all of this is that after all the Islamic terrorism that we have and continue to witness over the last decade is that a significant fraction of the population targetted by these terrorists desperately want to believe that the loudly-proclaimed Islamic jihad isn't real and cannot be responsible. They want to be terrorized by 'diverse' groups and desperately WANT to blame someone that we should be able to trust. Why? Because it will justify increased government power and decreased individual freedom. Liberals don't understand freedom (actually they don't understand responsibility that freedom requires). Individual freedom and especially the responsibility that follows is so completely frightening that they'd prefer an authoritarian government in its stead. This is why the fact that 90 teenagers can be shot by a single person without opposition is entirely acceptable and not worthy of a second thought.

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