Old Computer Geekiness

I bought an old Nikon slide scanner at a junk shop for $20.00, had the scanner, the software, and 2 trays full of slides. SCSI interface. Bought an old Adaptec card and 50 pin SCSI cable on E-Bay.

There are no drivers for XP for Adaptec 2920-A cards. Google provided several answers. I found drivers. There are no XP drivers from Nikon for the old slide scanners. There is a 3rd party software that works.

So here it is. After much geeky work, here is the first scan. It is one of the slides that came with the scanner. Someone went to Europe and used Kodachrome. The title on the slide holder just says “Paris, Sept 67. I don’t know who took it. I bought the scanner in a junk shop in eastern North Carolina. We are obviously at the base of the Eiffel Tower and if someone speaks French, perhaps they will tell us what the little cart was selling.


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